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Newport Beach Intellectual Property Misappropriations Attorneys

When your property has been acquired or used improperly, or without your permission, you need a lawyer who can get to the root of the matter immediately and resolve the situation effectively. At The Myers Law Group in Newport Beach, California, we can help you remedy the misappropriation of your property in a timely and efficient manner. Our experienced attorneys will go beyond court-ordered injunctions, seizing opportunities for beneficial results for you such as:

  • Recovery of monetary damages
  • Payment of royalties for the time period of the misappropriation
  • Recovery of punitive damages, if the misappropriation was willful and malicious (egregious)
  • Recovery of attorney’s fees and other legal costs

If you have been accused of misappropriation, we can defend your case and work for an effective resolution. We work proactively and preemptively in the best interests of our clients, applying years of experience litigating intellectual property matters.

Our 35 years of combined experience includes legal counsel and representation for individuals and companies in Orange County, throughout Southern California and across the U.S. We can represent and protect your best interests in matters involving misappropriation of funds, infringement of intellectual property, misappropriation of trade secrets and misappropriation of other business assets.

Preventing Misappropriation And Protecting Your Competitive Advantages

Misappropriation of any business assets, but especially IP and trade secrets, can be devastating for your business. The most frequent offenders, former employees and direct competitors, can be thwarted with effective legal representation.

Our lawyers can help you safeguard your property with up-to-date noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements, nonsolicitation provisions and assignment of intellectual property in employee contracts and commercial contracts with business partners, licensees, suppliers and vendors.

We can help you prevent IP infringements of internet property, software, literary works and audio/visual creations. Written contracts prepared by our attorneys will provide you with clear legal remedies should anyone with whom you have a business relationship attempt to or succeed in misappropriating your registered property or trade secrets.

Please call our law firm in Newport Beach, California, today at 888-415-4373 or contact us by email to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you and getting straight to work.

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