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Orange County Business Litigation Lawyers

At The Myers Law Group in Newport Beach, California, our attorneys have the experience and sophisticated skill set to represent you in a wide range of business litigation matters, including contract disputes, trademark and copyright infringement actions, and false advertising and unfair competition actions.

We recognize that litigation can be financially and emotionally taxing. Our lawyers will work with you to make sure your goals and expectations are being met throughout the legal process of business dispute resolution. Whether through informal settlement, alternative dispute resolution or by going to trial, we can help you protect assets and interests in myriad circumstances.

Our clients range from multinational corporations to family-owned businesses, including high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. We serve clients throughout Southern California, across the U.S. and worldwide from our offices in Newport Beach, California (Orange County).

Protect Interests — Limit Liability — Secure Damage Compensation

Effective resolution of complex issues often requires keen legal eyes to review company bylaws, articles of incorporation, a host of related contracts and regulatory statutes. It requires creativity and advanced negotiating skills to limit costs, manage legal durations and resolve highly consequential matters. Common areas of law that we handle include:

It is often quite possible to resolve even some of the most contentious disputes without need of protracted litigation, and we will make every effort to do so in your best interests, if it is the right strategy in your situation. If arbitration or court litigation is determined to be the best pathway to resolution in your case, we are your partners at every stage, and we will fight for you with a veritable war chest.

Please call The Myers Law Group at 888-415-4373 in Newport Beach to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced business litigation attorneys at your convenience. We are also responsive via secure email contact. We look forward to meeting with you.

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