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intellectual property

Orange County International Property Attorneys

Securing intellectual property rights can enhance the value of your products and your company. Licensing may offer you nearly limitless opportunities to earn income from your creations and intellectual property, but you also have to be extremely careful in shaping and managing your agreements with licensees.

At the Newport Beach firm of The Myers Law Group, our experienced IP attorneys assist businesses and individuals with all matters of intellectual property.

Let us help you establish your rights through trademark, copyright or patent registration. Additionally, we will help defend your IP, protect you from unfair competition and help you license your IP through several strategic and beneficial methods. We often represent individuals and businesses that have been taken advantage of by licensees who attempt to cheat IP owners out of royalties by violating contract terms or failing to pay.

Comprehensive IP Services And Litigation Support

  • Trademarks and service marks are the face of your company. They can be words, designs, logos and trade dress (product packaging and product shapes). We fight for their protection and help to defend them.
  • Copyright protection can be applied to broad subject matter, including internet content, literary works, screenplays, architectural works, audio-visual works and computer software. Find out more about our experiences and successes with copyright protection by speaking with one of our lawyers today.
  • Your patent portfolio is a tremendous asset, potentially providing you with revenue from licensing agreements, barriers to entry for competition, and a significant valuation piece for your business. Of course, all of this protection and upholding the power of your patent portfolio depends on the strength of your contracts as well as your legal representation.
  • Protecting your trade secrets is critical for your business. In breaches of nondisclosure agreements and infringement issues, our firm fights for businesses that have had their trade secrets misappropriated or threatened.

Defending And Enforcing Your IP Rights

Let us also defend you if you have been accused of infringement or misappropriation of IP. Our attorneys bring years of litigation experience to the table. When your business is threatened with IP litigation, it is important that you are able to trust your legal counsel to resolve issues in a manner that safeguards your IP rights, curbs all potential liabilities, and provides a foundation for your business operations to continue unhindered.

Get Effective, Determined Legal Support For Your IP

The intellectual property attorneys at The Myers Law Group serve clients in Orange County, Southern California and around the world. You will have direct access to our attorneys, the full resources of our law firm and over 40 years of combined legal experience.

Our legal counsel and representation are some of the most valuable and cost-effective you will find. We are deadline-driven and client-focused, geared for flexibility and creativity.

Please call us at 888-415-4373 to schedule a free attorney consultation. We are also available by secure email contact.

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