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Newport Beach Copyright Lawyers

At The Myers Law Group in Newport Beach, California, our lawyers have extensive experience securing protection for copyrightable works under federal copyright laws. The subject matter entitled to copyright protection is quite diverse and includes such things as architectural works, audio-visual works, computer software, screenplays, photos, fashion designs and literary works.

When Does Copyright Protection Begin?

Protection under United States copyright laws begins immediately upon the creation and fixation of the work in a physical form. However, federal registration of copyrights provides substantial advantages in the event that litigation is necessary to enforce the copyright such as the right to recover statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.

Note: Registration is a prerequisite to initiation of a copyright infringement action.

Registering Copyrights In The U.S.

Copyright registration is often straightforward in comparison to trademarks and patent law but can still be confusing. The copyright attorneys at The Myers Law Group are able to help you navigate the nuances of the process. Additionally, should the need for litigation arise to protect your copyrights, we can obtain an expedited copyright registration in a matter of just days.

We also counsel and assist our clients in copyright ownership issues, licensing and distribution, and avoidance of infringement of the copyrights of others. Additionally, we counsel our clients on rights pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other copyright laws.

Experienced, Cost-Effective Legal Counsel At Your Service

From our office in Newport Beach, The Myers Law Group lawyers secure copyright protections and other intellectual property protections for individuals and businesses throughout Southern California, across the U.S. and around the world.

Please call our Orange County office today at 888-415-4373 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. You may also contact us by secure email.

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