Protecting Trademarks Across The U.S. And Worldwide

As a new or established business owner, you have many important decisions to make at every step of your business formation and growth. Choosing the best type of entity for your business and eliminating individual liability are two of the most important factors to consider when forming a new business.

At The Myers Law Group in Irvine, California, our corporate formation attorneys will inform you of your options and help you with entity selection, taking into consideration your unique needs and goals. We can also help you set up the necessary organizational documents to file with the secretary of state in any state in the nation, including advantageous locations such as Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming.

Helping You Secure Your Authority In The Marketplace

At The Myers Law Group in Irvine, California, our intellectual property lawyers engage in solid trademark value protection and thorough research in order to secure your trademarks. We will advise you, protect your trademarks and other intellectual property assets, representing your interests with unsurpassed litigation skills, creative methods and support in all aspects of the legal processes necessary.

At the initial adoption stage of any mark, some form of search should be conducted to ensure that the mark a company wishes to adopt will stand out from and not infringe upon the mark of a competitor.

  • We will assist in conducting such searches and advising you of the usability and registrability of a mark.
  • Once you decide to adopt and use a particular mark, our team will assist in applying for federal and/or state trademark registration and help navigate the registration process. Upon registration, we also provide docketing assistance to ensure that all future filings are timely and made to preserve your rights in any trademark dispute or trademark violations cases.

Trademark Law In The U.S. — Federal, State And Common Law

Trademarks and service marks can be a variety of things such as words, designs, logos and trade dress (product packaging and product shapes). A three-tiered trademark system exists in the Unites States, consisting of common law, state and federal trademark rights. It is important to understand and appreciate each in the selection and protection of trademark rights.

Our firm has extensive experience before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in inter partes proceedings such as opposition, cancellation and concurrent use proceedings. These proceedings are the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s version of trials, where parties resolve issues pertaining to the use of trademarks or service marks.

We have a solid background of experience, resources and successes in these matters for clients in a variety of industries across the country. We also offer comprehensive services in matters related to trademarks such as licensing, unfair competition and false advertising.

From our office location in Orange County, we assist clients throughout Southern California, across the nation and around the world. Call us at 888-415-4373 today to speak with one of our experienced trademark attorneys. You can also contact us by secure email.

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