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Kardashians Dash to Block Blac Chyna from Trademarking Their Name

kardashians.jpgIt is no surprise that the Kardashians are always in the news. This time the companies of Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim have filed an opposition to Blac Chyna's registration for the trademark, Angela Renée Kardashian-her future married name once she marries Rob Kardashian. With Rob and Chyna's on again/off again relationship status the matter could end up being irrelevant, but read on to learn about the current Kardashian debacle.

What every business needs to know about trademark basics

If you run a business, you want your products or services to stand out to potential customers in order to maximize your sales and profits. Developing a trademark is one way that your business can accomplish this. Trademarks are protections for the name and marking a business will use for advertising and promotion. They are normally considered valid whether a trademark registration has occurred or not, but registering the mark with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) offers extra legal protection, especially if a conflict arises where one of your competitors wants to use your mark. The PTO offers three options for applying for a trademark:

The Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration

A trademark (or service mark) is a source identifier for goods and/or services. Under trademark law, a trademark owner receives basic trademark rights in a mark simply by using that mark in commerce. However, the rights one receives based upon use without registering are limited to the geographic area in which the use has occurred. So, for example, if a trademark owner has only sold in a single state, their rights would be limited to that state and adjacent areas that would be considered within the zone of natural expansion.